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Springer Expands Its Open Access Activities With Korean Research Societies

Professor Hyo Seon Ryu, President of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles, said: "KSCT is pleased to collaborate with Springer, which is an excellent partner in our endeavor to promote the academic activity of the KSCT." The multidisciplinary International Journal of Geo-Engineering (previously published as the 'International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering') provides a forum to discuss the knowledge and experience of geoengineering from fundamentals to cutting-edge technologies. It covers the broad area of academic and practical aspects of geoengineering, including environmental geomechanics, engineering geology, geoenergy development, and the latest experimental, analytical and numerical methods. Professor Seung-Ho Lee, President of the Korean Geotechnical Society, said, "We are delighted to cooperate with Springer in publishing our journal. There has been an intensive effort to publish a high-quality international journal with the active involvement of sister societies. We believe that the journal will contribute to the collection and distribution of the latest global geoengineering issues." "I am excited by the scope of the journal Fashion and Textiles.

Korean celebrities lose 'publicity' suit against Naver

The plaintiffs claimed that portals provide search results leading to commercial shopping mall sites that sell products containing their names, even though they do not endorse such products. In Korea, a host of online shopping malls sell products in a way that suggests they are somehow linked to stars. For instance, Korean customers are routinely browsing "Jang Dong-gun padded jacket" and "Bae Yong-joon glasses" on shopping sites. Despite the claims by the stars, the court ruled that portals did not violate the rights of the stars under the current law. But the legal battle is not over.

Korean Fashion Store Launches to Take Korean Fashion Global

Style Nanda From loud street style to runway chic, these brands are defining Asia's trendiest looks 8seconds is Samsung's answer to UNIQLO Beyond Closet and MVIO create hyper-trendy menswear Jain Song is known for sharp, sophisticated looks (CNN) -- For visitors with shopping at the top of their agenda in Seoul and beyond, it may be hard to keep up; Korean fashion is furiously fast and fickle. But from Seoul's distinctive street style (loud statement pieces are the calling cards) to runway chic, these top 10 South Korean fashion brands are defining some of Asia's trendiest looks. For the moment anyway. 8seconds stores are located all over jual jaket jepang South Korea; the flagship store is located on trendy Garosugil. 1.

10 hot South Korean fashion brands and where to buy them

Korean Fashion Store has launched to bring authentic Korean-made fashion items to customers in the United States and beyond. The stores uses a cutting edge image led design to demonstrate its wares boldly on the homepage, with items broken down into pants, dresses, shoes, outwear and tops. Items are added daily to all of the categories that represent up to the minute fashion in Korea, where fashion trends are years ahead of the west in their boldness and creativity. Every item is available at a fair price, and the site has already announced intentions to hold weekly sales on different ranges for those who regularly search for the best deals. Every item comes with high quality professional photography, detailed product description and customizable choices in size and color.

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